Kidney Dialysis Services in Houston, TX

We combine traditional Dialysis treatment with contemporary treatments such as gentle comfortable massage chair, new machines, standby generator, standby water supply, comprehensive LED TV, internet wifi access for all patients and more. When you start dialysis at a SDR center, you’ll be surrounded by a highly trained clinical team that’s dedicated to delivering superior care and making your experience as comfortable as possible. Here is how to get started.

Deciding that in-center dialysis is right for you

When you have end stage renal disease (ESRD), you and your nephrologist (kidney doctor) will discuss which treatment options best fit your lifestyle. One of those choices is in-center dialysis. You may prefer this type of treatment because:

  • Dialysis is only three times a week, giving you four dialysis-free days
  • Treatment is administered by trained dialysis care team members
  • You enjoy being around and interacting with fellow dialysis patients
  • You prefer the welcoming environment provided at the center
  • In-center dialysis doesn’t require a care partner like home dialysis does

Those benefits, as well as personalized care for your unique health and lifestyle needs, are what

What to expect during your first visit
When you arrive at the dialysis center for your first visit, the healthcare team will take care of all aspects of treatment.

First, your access area will be washed by a patient care technician; then you will be weighed and escorted to your dialysis chair. Your blood pressure will be taken, both standing and sitting, and a dialysis nurse will check your vitals and connect you to the dialysis machine.

The typical dialysis session is usually four hours. During that time your blood pressure will be taken and the dialysis machine will be monitored. You are free to read, watch television, talk to fellow patients and care team members, sleep or do almost any activity that can be done from the dialysis chair. Depending on your center, there may also be times when a care team member puts in a video for patients to watch or leads a group game for everyone who wishes to play during dialysis.

Once the dialysis treatment time is up, you will be disconnected from the dialysis machine and your vital signs and weight will be recorded again.

What to bring to the dialysis center
On the days you have dialysis, bring things that help you relax while dialyzing. Some things you’ll want to remember:

  • Wear loose sleeves if you have a graft or fistula in your arm
  • Pack a blanket and pillow
  • Bring a book or project
  • Pack earphones to hear the television at your chair
  • Check your center to see if it has Internet access if you want to use your laptop

SDR emergency provisions

  • Backup generator for 24-hour operation during emergencies and disasters
  • Immediate treatment for hospital overflow
  • Two spare, replacement machines on premises

Contact us today to find out more about in-center kidney dialysis! We will help you understand what kidney disease is and how you can still live a meaningful life.